[Pharo-users] Calypso documentation? Or understanding menu building

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Tue Feb 12 08:42:26 EST 2019

Is there any documentation on Calypso 	application contexts? I am trying to add a menu item to a package tag (the bit underneath a package - which I often call a sub-package).

I’ve specified: 

		byItemOf: ClyQueryMenuGroup for: RPackage asCalypsoItemContext 

But that puts my menu on the package and not the tag - and if I use the inspect extra menu in calypso, I get what looks to be something that could help me determine what I want but I’m struggling to understand what ClyTaggedClassGroup does, and what a context is all about.

Has anyone else played around with this at all?

Ideally I want to have a menu appear on all the tags underneath a particular package - and possibly including that package (or maybe not - I haven’t decided as I want to try it in the wild).

While I’m at it - I have quite understood how to create submenu’s either - as I’d like to have several commands all as sub items of a menu item “Exercism”.


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