[Pharo-users] Boostrap for seaside : incorrect JQuery version

Tomaž Turk tomaz.turk at ef.uni-lj.si
Mon Feb 11 16:40:59 EST 2019

I found a possible solution. The Bootstrap v3.3.6 had a compatibility 
issue with jQuery 3.0 (please see this issue 

I tested a possible workaround with copy & pasting the bootstrap.js code 
into TBSDevelopmentLibrary>>jsbootstrapJsContent. This method just 
returns the whole bootstrap.js as a string, IMHO. Important are also 
methods TBSDevelopmentLibrary>>cssbootstrapCssContent, 
TBSDevelopmentLibrary>>cssbootstrapthemeCssContent and others, since 
they include the code from BS v3.3.6.

As I see, the TBSDeploymentLibrary differs from TBSDevelopmentLibrary in 
that it uses minimized versions (i.e. bootstrap.min.js).

I'm not sure about other possible dependencies, though.

Best wishes,

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>>Just for the record, I am having the same problem..
>>On February 8, 2019 at 3:20:18 PM, Dominique Dartois (dom at dartois.org) 
>>>Hi all
>>>I installed seaside + Bootstrap from the « Catalog Browser », 
>>>following the tips at http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~TorstenBergmann/
>>>I run Pharo 7 64bits on MacOS.
>>>The demo doesn’t react to the mouse clicks. In fact Firefox debugger 
>>>showed an incompatibility between Bootstrap and JQuery versions :
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