[Pharo-users] Trying to understand Developing with Pharo, Deploying with Gemstone/s

Petr Fischer petr.fischer at me.com
Sat Feb 9 07:15:43 EST 2019

Terse description how to load project is here:

They are preparing Tonel support for Gemstone and something new for managing projects.

Also subsctibe Glass mailing list, there are discussions about this topic sometimes:

Loading code and projects into Gemstone - it's more like "do it yourself" or use tODE from GsDevKit_home (open source project, but completely unofficial, supported by "Dale").


> I have an app that is ready to deploy to alpha. I usually do this by
> creating a script that builds a minimal pharo image, and run that on a
> cloud server.
> I then use TelePharo to make any live tweaks that need to happen, and
> something like:
> ./pharo Pharo.image "/run/the/script"
> to keep run cron jobs, etc.
> I would like to start using Gemstone/s.
> I got GsDevKithome up and running, with no problems, but I am having a
> little bit of trouble figuring out how to proceed. I get what tODE is
> doing, but I don’t get how to do the things I normally do:
>    - I got Seaside installed in the image, but I need several other
>    packages in my install: JSON, Soup, AWS S3, etc. How do I go about
>    installing those?
>    - How do I install my main package? It’s in an Iceberg project.
>    - How do I update my Iceberg project while it’s live?
> I think those questions will get me into beta pretty quickly.
> Thanks!
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