[Pharo-users] Running test

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Wed Feb 6 12:06:09 EST 2019

In the other hand, I am suspecting this Mac VM[1] downloaded  from the
Pharo download page may have issue.

After all the Linux VM from this same page is defunct as I already
report it. I had to get one from the Pharo Launcher. The Windows VM from
this same Pharo download page is functional, though.

Can someone with an Apple Macintosh confirm this Mac VM[1] is ok?



[1] https://files.pharo.org/get-files/70/pharo-mac-stable.zip

Le 06/02/2019 à 17:19, Hilaire a écrit :
> Can Mac OSX provides more usefull message?

Dr. Geo

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