[Pharo-users] SQLite3 [UDBC2] - "Could not coerce arguments" error for UTF8 chars

Petr Fischer petr.fischer at me.com
Wed Feb 6 03:44:01 EST 2019

> On Tue, Feb 05, 2019 at 08:20:22PM +0100, Petr Fischer via Pharo-users wrote:
> > But still... I do not expect anyone to create tables through binding
> > values (like in your example), so following SQL command is still
> > broken:
> > db execute: 'create table A (ID INTEGER, T TEXT DEFAULT ''áěšřčá'')'.
> Your original mail was about insert, not create.
> Anyhow, I think I see the problem: SQLite's APIs accept UTF8-encoded SQL
> input strings. UDBCSQLite just uses UFFI's String to char* conversion to
> pass strings in Pharo to the FFI calls. But 'áěšřčá' is a WideString.
> Judiciously sending #utf8Encoded to the input SQL string seems to do the
> trick. 
>     | db |
>     db := UDBCSQLite3Connection openOn: '/tmp/u.db'.
>     [    | rs |
>          db execute: 'create table a (k, v varchar default ''ěščřžýáíéúůĚŠČŘŽÝÁÍÉÚŮ'')'.
>          db execute: 'insert into a (k) values (NULL)'.
>          rs := db execute: 'select k, v from a'.
>          rs next inspect.
>     ] ensure: [ db close ]
> Above snippet evaluates to an inspector on a UDBCSQLite3Row instance
> with the expected data. See screenshot.
> I should be able to fix this in UDBCSQLite over the next two days as it
> is Chinese New Year long holiday here.
> Btw, you mentioned UDBC2. Not speaking for Torsten but I believe UDBC2
> is WIP experimental stuff. Better to use UDBCSQLite. Easiest way to load
> is to install GlorpSQLite via the Catalog Browser. Ignore the warning
> that the package is not tested for Pharo 7 - that's a Catalog Browser
> bug.

Ok - I will go with UDBC via GlorpSQLite - thanks for your advice.
I am never sure which of the SQLite drivers should be used and CatalogBrowser does not help at all...


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