[Pharo-users] package extensions in Pharo 7.

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 12:13:56 EST 2019

Thanks Denis

Denis Kudriashov wrote
> Hi Paul.
> вс, 3 февр. 2019 г., 19:57 PAUL DEBRUICKER 

> pdebruic@

> :
>> Hi -
>> Is there a way to create the protocol, then convert it to an extension,
>> without adding a method to it between the time I create the protocol and
>> convert it to an extension?
> No.
> In Calypso there is no such thing as extension protocol. There is explicit
> packaging of methods. When you create method you can toggle extension
> checkbox in status bar and select a package where method should be
> created.
> Same procedure can be applied on existing method.
> I tried to avoid star convention when I designed Calypso. I think it is a
> ugly hack because package is not a protocol. But seems it is badly
> accepted
> by people. So it could be reverted at some point. But I believe it is
> better to improve/fix things which does not work well with current
> approach.

I don't really care about the star-prefix or internal structure of how
protocols are represented, as long as its not laborious to port methods to

Could the 'create new protocol dialog' could be smarter and if a star is
typed first then the autocomplete switches to a list of packages, like you
already have/show in the 'convert to extension' dialog?

I understand Calypso has  a new workflow for creating extension protocols
and managing protocols in general.  Seems like there's gotta be a way to
avoid traversing from the method list to the bottom of the code pane when
editing a method or group of methods protocol. I'll practice more with it
today though.  

> Seems like it if the protocol is empty when I convert it to an extension
> it
>> gets deleted rather than converted.
> It needs to be improved to avoid such confusion

Or just maybe not immediately delete the thing I just created.  Give it a
few minutes.  

>> Would anyone be interested in having the thing that parses protocol names
>> automatically create extension protocols from names that start with *
>> instead of rejecting them immediately?
>> IS the new extension stuff cross platform compatible right now or do I
>> have to do anything else to port these methods & protocols to Squeak and
>> GemStone?
>  Calypso only touches UI. Nothing is changed on how extension sources are
> stored in files. It's stil based on star protocols. So it is compatible

Great.  Thanks.

>> Thanks
>> Paul

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