[Pharo-users] Slots doc

Marcus Denker marcus.denker at inria.fr
Tue Feb 5 04:32:30 EST 2019

> Slots are already part of Pharo and are totally useable.
> Some example slots are buggy though.

Yes, I have a list of issues to fix. Especially related to instance migration when changing class definitions.
(among others).

I sometimes wonder how to find the concentrate time to really looks as all this.. there is already so much todo...

> Explore Slot and subclasses, their class comments and methods.
> One thing to note is if you change #emitStore: or #emitValue: methods in
> your slot class, you need to trigger change in classes that use it.

Yes, we need to recompile method that use slots with code generation if the code gen methods change.
I think there should be even a way to do that automatically.


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