[Pharo-users] Learn Pharo - Not Working

magicspeller pharo at magicspeller.info
Tue Feb 5 00:20:35 EST 2019

Ben Coman wrote
> On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 at 01:58, magicspeller <

> pharo@

> > wrote:
>> I just discovered the window tabs
>> at the bottom as well, which would have helped if I'd thought to look
>> there.
>> Hope I didn't cause anyone a lot of frustration.
>> In a way, I am glad I posed the question, because I have learned a lot in
>> the ensuing discussion. I'll respond to a couple of the new replies, but
>> thank you, everyone, very, very much.
> How would you feel about stretching that learning to submit a PR
> updating that text to indicate a window will open?

Sorry, Ben, you lost me. What's a PR? Updated what text? Can you please give
me an explanation an idiot (me) can understand?


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