[Pharo-users] Pharo 7 - how to see method author/timestamp n Calypso?

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Mon Feb 4 10:02:01 EST 2019


EstebanLM wrote
>>  Without
>> having to do anything by hand when a package is loaded, I mean.   And
>> also a
>> way to see that info right next to the code pane without having to click
>> anything?  Also hopefully senders/implementors count?
> Uhm? 
> I do not understand this… but I think is not related to iceberg but
> calypso, isn’t?
> If is calypso, and what you ask is to have the references available (for
> example in another tab) this is not there but is easy to implement. In
> fact, I remember an iteration of calypso that had them, and I think the
> reason while is gone is that It becomes kind of a pain in large images
> (but now we have real lazy tabs so we could review that decision).

Yeah you're right.  Calypso.  MY reading of Cyril's response made me think
it was a calypso/iceberg integration I'd have to do/set-up manually for
every package rather than something automatically handled when a package is
loaded into the image.

In Nautilus there was the AnnotationPanePlugin that showed
author/timestamp/sender count/implementer count without any intervention on
my part. See attached from Pharo 6.  Once you turned the
AnnotationPanePlugin on in any nautilus browser it was on in all the
browsers you create in the future. Omnibrowser did it automatically IIRC.

Just wondering if there is something like that already in Pharo 7 or if not
how to get it in Calypso.



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