[Pharo-users] Pharo 7 - how to see method author/timestamp n Calypso?

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 23:29:08 EST 2019

Thanks Cyril.  

For those projects I don't own/maintain that are stored in MCZ files is
there a way to see who authored the method?  Or is Iceberg + git-blame the
only way to go now? 

If git-blame is the only way is there a way to have all the repos an image
uses brought under git so I can git-blame everything automatically?  Without
having to do anything by hand when a package is loaded, I mean.   And also a
way to see that info right next to the code pane without having to click
anything?  Also hopefully senders/implementors count?

When I read code I skim code written by other people (especially people with
more experience with the domain, like your MDL package) and assume it's more
correct because they've published it.  And more critically review what I've
written in/against those packages.

Without the author and timestamp visible next to the method code pane it is
harder to know whether I should trust or be more skeptical of the method.

I don't always remember which parts I wrote and which parts someone else


CyrilFerlicot wrote
> On Sun 3 Feb 2019 at 22:02, PAUL DEBRUICKER <

> pdebruic@

> > wrote:
>> Hi -
>> How can I see who wrote a method and when they wrote it in Calypso?
> Hello,
> You need to add Calypso to Iceberg and have a locale clone linked. Then an
> « history » button will appear in Calypso whose info are extracted via git
> blame feature of git.
>> In Nautilus it was the AnnotationPane plugin IIRC.
>> Thanks
>> Paul
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> Cyril Ferlicot
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