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Sun Feb 3 18:34:03 EST 2019

On 2/3/2019 1:35 PM, Richard70nl wrote:
> I just checked, the "right click -> do it" only works if at least the 
> cursor is somewhere on the statement. I normally do a cmd-D (macOS) in 
> these situations though. But AFAIK it’s not necessary to select the 
> whole statement. If the cursor is somewhere else in the editor the 
> “right click -> do it” does not work as expected. I think the editor 
> should maybe put the cursor in the position where you right click. But 
> that is more of a preference. I think if you get used to that 
> behaviour then you probably don’t even think about it.
> Coming from most common coding editors, I find the editors in Pharo a 
> bit quirky. But I (we?) probably get used to it. I did check online 
> how some people use external editors and I think it’s not worth the 
> hassle. It’s not as straightforward programming as I’m used to. And, I 
> think if you use an external editor you miss the “immersion” of the 
> environment.
Thanks, Richard!
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