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Sun Feb 3 18:30:12 EST 2019

On 2/3/2019 5:01 AM, Ben Coman wrote:
> In general you are correct, but newcomers are more familiar with a 
> click paradigm that a select &doIt paradigm
> so this specific case is different.  In the interest of teaching how 
> to fish :), here is how you can discover these sorts of answers for 
> yourself...
> Tools > Finder > Source
> then search for... ProfStef go
> and you'll see...  WelcomeHelp-class>>learn
> which does...  (self doItFrom: 'ProfStef go.')
> Double-clicking "doItFrom:" selects it, then hitting <Ctrl-M> does 
> "Code search... > implementors of it"
> that is commented...  [left as an exercise for the reader]

Thank you. That's really helpful!


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