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Sun Feb 3 18:17:30 EST 2019

On 2/3/2019 2:48 AM, ducasse wrote:
> Hi keith
> did you look at the Pharo mooc?
> http://mooc.pharo.org
> Because there are many videos explaining interaction.
No, I've been to the site but haven't gotten around to looking at much 
there. I will now, thanks.

It's good to know about the videos.
> To execute an expression you should either select or if it is on one line
> you can just use command-D or command-P
Learning this is a big revelation. In the course I took, I had to select 
a command on *every single page* and then enter Ctrl-D. It got to be 
really tiring and frustrating.

I just went back to the course and tried just left clicking on the 
command before entering Ctrl-D and discovered that it works there as 
well. Wish I'd known it when I started the course.

Thanks very much,
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