[Pharo-users] Learn Pharo - Not Working

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Sun Feb 3 06:03:25 EST 2019

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> On 3 Feb 2019, at 09:56, ducasse <stepharo at netcourrier.com> wrote:
> Now what frustrates me is that Command-B does not automatically select the line.

But why would you arbitrarily highlight a line? I was frustrated that with my cursor on a valid selector (or class, or parameter), selecting the whole line often resulted in an error?

Or are you simply suggesting that it should highlight  the expression it’s identified before doing the evaluation? I didn’t think of that, and it’s a good idea.

To be clearer - in a playground if you had:

5 + 4.

 ‘Hello’ size
    + 5 (cursor here)

What should meta-p do?

I would argue - print 10 not give an error?

This feels more in line with power of our tools right?


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