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> > believe the default is to evaluate the whole line where the cursor is if
> > nothing is selected.
> That reminds me - while I fixed the senders/implementers search commands to intelligently look for the nearest selector to the cursor (in pharo7), I forgot about workspace evaluation - doit or printit should find the nearest complete expression (even if multiline) and evaluate that - unless you specifically highlight something. It makes it much more efficient to then examine things quickly.
> Tim
I like the way is work now because I can super execute one line or multiple line. 
Now what frustrates me is that Command-B does not automatically select the line. 

I always wanted that 
	Command-B looks for implementors when the symbol is not a class 
	(if it is a class we get the class definition)

	Command-M when the symbol is a class should do a Command-B
	else a look for implementors

I think that now denis reintroduced the behavior I added long time ago and that was removed. 
The glitch left is the missing automatic selection of the line :)

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