[Pharo-users] Learn Pharo - Not Working

magicspeller pharo at magicspeller.info
Sat Feb 2 19:30:36 EST 2019

Richard70NL wrote
> For me it works, but what you can also try is:
> 1) Click the menu Tools -> Playground
> 2) Type: ProfStef go.
> 3) Right click what you just typed and click "Do It"
> BTW, I'm also new with Pharo (not with programming) and I really enjoy the
> book at http://books.pharo.org/pharo-by-example/.

Hi Richard,

Like you, I have a programming background, but Pharo and Smalltalk are quite
a new experience. I downloaded /Pharo By Example/ but haven't gotten around
to reading any of it yet.

Thank you for the Playground suggestion! That's a great idea, and it works
really well. That means I should be able to go back to the 64-bit version.

Can you tell me why you don't have to select "ProfStef go." before right
clicking it. I had gotten the impression that to execute any Smalltalk
statement you always have to select it first.

Thanks again,

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