[Pharo-users] favorite way to migrate from mczs to git?

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Sat Feb 2 17:12:48 EST 2019

Thanks Sean.  I get a couple different errors, depending on which Pharo I'm

 I had more time today and for 7.0, I think I fixed it.   I don't think the
#ignoredFileNames: method was working because when I added corrupted MCZs as
in the example pasted below, it seems to continue to try to analyze those
files when running #allAuthors and hit encoding errors.  Skipping the
#allAuthors send and just running the
#fastImportCodeToDirectory:initialCommit:to: code gives the same encoding
errors.  Changing

GitMigration>>#versions to
		ifNil: [ | versions |
			versions := OrderedCollection new.
			self versionsWithPackageNames
				do: [ :quad | 
					| fileName |
					fileName := quad last.
					(ignoredFileNames includes: (fileName allButLast: 4))
						ifFalse: [ versions add: (self versionFromFileNamed: quad last) ] ]
				displayingProgress: [ :quad | 'Loading versions metadata... ' , quad
last ].
			versionsCache := versions ].
	^ versionsCache

fixes my problem, but I can't seem to create a PR that doesn't include every
line of every file as having changed.  

In 6.1 git-migration doesn't have a problem with the bad MCZs but instead
gives an "Empty message requested" error when doing the

In 6.0 it gives a DNU for
GitMigrationMemoryTreeGitRepository>>#writeGitFileTreeProperties: (I made an
issue for that one here:

The script I'm using is:

migration:=GitMigration on:'Seaside/SeasideDynamicSVG'.
migration ignoredFileNames: #('SeasideDynamicSVG-Core-hkl.86'
'SeasideDynamicSVG-Core-hkl.3' 'SeasideDynamicSVG-Tests-obi.7').
migration cacheAllVersions.
migration populateCaches.
migration allAuthors.

migration authors:{
	'MaxBareis'-> #('Max Bareis' '<max at bareis.name>').
	'JohanBrichau' -> #('Johan Brichau' '<johanbrichau at me.com>').
	'hkl' -> #('Holger Kleinsorgen' '<h.kleinsorgen at gmail.com>').
	'go' -> #('Gerhard Obermann' '<obi068 at gmail.com>').
	'obi' -> #('Gerhard Obermann' '<obi068 at gmail.com>').
	'ThomasCleenewerck' -> #('ThomasCleenewerck' '<thomas at inceptive.be>').
        'TC' -> #('ThomasCleenewerck' '<thomas at inceptive.be>').
	'PaulDeBruicker' -> #('Paul DeBruicker' '<pdebruic at gmail.com>')

"I change the SHA and the target file for each Pharo version"

migration fastImportCodeToDirectory: 'gitmigration-repo'
initialCommit:'a8d9d4c981f4e8aff4728b3ab84d296ebe77b4d5'  to:

In pharo 7 to load git-migration I'm using 

Metacello new
	baseline: 'GitMigration';
	repository: 'github://peteruhnak/git-migration/repository';

and in 6.1 & 6 I'm using

Metacello new
	baseline: 'GitMigration';
	repository: 'github://peteruhnak/git-migration:pharo6/repository';

Let me know if you have any ideas on what I should do to fix those errors in
Pharo 6 & 6.1. If you have a copy of  
GitMigrationMemoryTreeGitRepository>>#writeGitFileTreeProperties: in one of
your images I'd be happy to get a version of it and keep trying. 

 It seems to me that I'll be better off porting everything to Pharo 7 then
doing the migration to git. 

Sean P. DeNigris wrote
> Paul DeBruicker wrote
>> https://github.com/peteruhnak/git-migration seems to be broken on Pharo 6
> Could you say more about your error(s)? I migrated many projects in Pharo
> 6.1 with this tool
> -----
> Cheers,
> Sean
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