[Pharo-users] LibGit error at start up

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Fri Feb 1 15:07:14 EST 2019

I have determined the Linux 32 bits VM proposed for download is the
faulty. No idea about the 64bits versions.

You can download the Pharo VM and image as separated packages.

  * Pharo image: 64bit (default)
    <https://files.pharo.org/get-files/70/pharo64.zip> | 32bit
  *  PharoVM 7.0 for Windows: 64bit
    <https://files.pharo.org/get-files/70/pharo64-win-stable.zip> | 32bit
    (default) <https://files.pharo.org/get-files/70/pharo-win-stable.zip>
  *  PharoVM 7.0 for macOS: 64bit (default)
    <https://files.pharo.org/get-files/70/pharo64-mac-stable.zip> | 32bit
  *  PharoVM 7.0 for Linux: 64bit (default)
    <https://files.pharo.org/get-files/70/pharo64-linux-stable.zip> | 32bit

Le 31/01/2019 à 11:43, Hilaire a écrit :
> I should add the host is Linux 64bits, configured with 32 bits
> libraries, and DrGeo/32bits was running fine so far (version of June
> 2018 with P7 32bits image and VM of then). It should not be related to
> the issue.

Dr. Geo

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