[Pharo-users] What's the status of Pharo exercism?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Fri Jun 29 10:53:55 EDT 2018

Presumably someone is working on Pharo Exercism (did I notice Ben or Hilaire asking about the tonel format for it?)

Is it possible for someone to put a comment in the repo for it - so we can coordinate effort? I’m assuming that someone can at least get hello world working as an example?

It would also be handy if someone who understands how it works, can give a quick explanation here - as I would offer to suggest it as something for the next UK Smalltalk gathering next month. I’m assuming the cli submits files to some travis runner and you get results back - and we just have to fill something in that will interpret those files and launch a command line pharo to get the results (presumably handling walkbacks in a way that the results get fed back). And then I’m guess we have a pharo add-in that would let you do this from the image some way too?


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