[Pharo-users] copy & paste

Otto Behrens otto at finworks.biz
Wed Jun 27 01:23:23 EDT 2018

> > The stable version on opensuse is quite old. And apparently not 6.1.
> > So, does this sadly mean that the paragraph on the top of the page
> > "Zip file" is updated, but the rest of the page not?
> Very likely, as the Zip packager (human) is probable not the Suse
> packager (another human)
> Does the zip package work for you?

I prefer to use the deb package because I make it part of my ubuntu

Does this mean that even the .zip package could be old?

I would just like to generally say that this could influence how people out
there see Pharo. If a newbie tries it out, he or she may just get stuck
with stupid things like this copy & paste (by trying to copy an example
from the Pharo site), only to realise that this is an old version. It gives
the impression that the "stable" version is not stable. Old campaigners
like me might persist, but most people will give up right here.

I think I should revert to the .zip.
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