[Pharo-users] The cool implication of gtDocumentor gluing examples and how we might augment source naviagation

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Tue Jun 26 07:16:18 EDT 2018

Hi guys - not sure how many people noticed this, but at the end of the tutorial for gtDocumentor, there is a section on Examples as Documentation.

What is neat (and easily missed) is how when an example references another - there is a little triangle you can toggle to expose that example inline. (See photo).

This isn’t a completely new ideas (didn’t Newspeak hopscotch do this?) but its very well done in gtDocumentor and this implication could be that if our code editors had this too - then its very handy to unfold code to understand it in one place without having to open new windows. (I still think there are times when you may want to do that - particularly for long chains of methods?) but its certainly an idea that I would be very receptive to having in our code browsers (heck - give me all of gtDocumentor in our source editors).

I’m wondering what others thing of this? Perhpas not for Pharo 7 - but Pharo 8 (pretty please?)


p.s. Note to @feenk, as its the last example its incredibly tricky to expand it to actually see it well as you can’t scroll further down to then drag the window bigger. I had to add a lot of Cr’s to make some space to do this.

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