[Pharo-users] Interesting Pharo Launcher feedback

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Mon Jun 25 18:17:31 EDT 2018

Hi everyone - at tonights month UK Smalltalk Meetup, we got some nice compliments on the state of Pharo (the participants - all ex small talkers - although ex in so much as they fondly remembered it and wanted to use it for something relevant now because they enjoyed it in the past).

Anyway, one interesting comment stuck out - he had downloaded Pharo (having used Visual Age 15+ years ago) and was a bit overwhelmed with what laugher presented to him. He didn’t hate it - but was initially a bit lost as to what it all meant and how to start… he figured it out, but I thought the feedback was interesting and made me think that maybe we need some form of intro wizard to get people off to a quick start but leave them confident enough that they might come back and try a Pharo 7 or Moose etc.

I encouraged him to post something on here, but thoughtI would note it (as it seems quite easy to fix) as an idea while it was fresh in my mind.


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