[Pharo-users] Calypso - how do you revert unsaved changes?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Mon Jun 25 08:48:54 EDT 2018

Hi - in Calypso in Pharo 7, there is a neat concept of method changes that are yet saved (and the top right of the editor has the normal orange smudge indicator).

I like the idea (which lets you naviaged elsewhere to check something before making your change) - however if you want to revert that change and just go back to the original source - how do you do this?

There is a little X indicator in the status bar - but that seems to do nothing (?).

Do you have to use the versions menu and pick revert? But then when I do that - I see a Red smudge on the text pane now, and the method source hasn’t reverted? So I’m a bit confused what you are supposed to do? The closes I can get to - is closing the tab in the browser and then reclick on the method in question - but I’m wondering if I’m missing an obvious alternative?


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