[Pharo-users] OmniBase for Pharo 6

Matias Maretto mgmaretto at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 22 17:54:26 EDT 2018

Hi Peter, yes I had the same error at the beginning. I have done 2 minor  changes. Now it seems to be working fine (Although I am still running more tests). Here:

ODBWin32FileStream >>

closeHandle: aHandle
"Close an open Win32 object handle, freeing any resources held by it.
Once closed a handle is no longer valid. Answer whether the function
succeeds. See Win32 SDK help for more information.

BOOL CloseHandle(
HANDLE  hObject // handle of object to close

"<apicall: ulong 'CloseHandle' (long) module:'kernel32.dll'>"
^ self ffiCall: #(ulong CloseHandle(long aHandle))

ODBWin32FileStream >>

lockFile: aHandle offsetLow: loPos offsetHigh: hiPos lengthLow: loLength lengthHigh: hiLength

"<apicall: long 'LockFile' (long ulong ulong ulong ulong) module: 'kernel32.dll'>"

^ self
ffiCall: #(long LockFile #(long aHandle , ulong loPos , ulong hiPos , ulong loLength , ulong hiLength))

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I have just loaded Esteban’s package in a new Pharo 6.1 under Windows 10. I get an error message saying ‘File cannot be locked. Try again?’. When I select ‘no’, all tests are run and give red. Are you still running on win 7? If so, I must be doing something wrong. Can you give more details of the FFI corrections you made, please?

Many thanks

Peter Kenny

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Esteban: it's working fine, I had to made a minor corrections on 2 FFI calls and now everithing seems to be working fine.

For What I saw with Voyage-UnqLite only String Objects can be used to searilize; Omnibase allow to persist almost any kind of objects, thats the part I like about it.


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I did it manually and I took like 5 min :P
but this was really easy, just a bunch of FFI calls.


> On 21 Jun 2018, at 15:31, Sean P. DeNigris <sean at clipperadams.com<mailto:sean at clipperadams.com>> wrote:
> EstebanLM wrote
>> I just made a “blind port”… migrated the old FFI to new UFFI
> Did you do this manually or use some migration tool? How long did it take?
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> Cheers,
> Sean
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