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horrido horrido.hobbies at gmail.com
Fri Jun 22 10:29:28 EDT 2018

Yes, I was totally pumped about Kent Beck's support! With a few more
contributors like him, I am certain the campaign would take off. Star power.
(Cross my fingers.)

Tim Mackinnon wrote
> Hey guys - lets just try and give this some support - I’d like to see
> something useful come out of it that hopefully can be applied to other
> countries. I’d really like to see some kids enjoy programming.
> I once met one of the original participants of the Parc experiments who
> was ~14 at the time (he was much older when I met him). I commented that
> it must have been amazing, and he was a bit reflective and interestingly
> said that it almost ruined his life because while it was cool at the time
> - when they had to take it all away, he couldn’t code in the way he had
> enjoyed for a further 10 years….
> Of course now we have an amazing environment, that not enough people
> actually know about, or take seriously enough - even though its produced
> most of what they take for granted today, AND is still busily pushing on
> things they will take for granted in another 1 years.
> Richard - give it a shot and inspire some kids (and inspire me with some
> interesting problems or setups that you think might work)
> I also notice that Kent Beck gave some support  - thats pretty cool!
> Tim
>> On 22 Jun 2018, at 14:38, horrido <

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> > wrote:
>> I do not diminish the efforts of open source contributors. I applaud
>> them.
>> My point was that, as a Smalltalk advocate, I worked on average 8 hours a
>> day, every day of the year, for nearly 4 years. That is a tremendous burn
>> rate, and I can tell you I am totally exhausted.
>> Imagine if I had a *real*, full-time job. This effort would've literally
>> killed me. And this is exactly why no one else can do the job.
>>> I hear what you're saying. Here's my rationale...
>>> #1. As far as I know, I'm the only person on the planet who has worked
>>> full-time and without pay as a programming language advocate for nearly
>>> four
>>> years. Did I mention full-time and without pay? So I think you can trust
>>> me
>>> to deliver, come hell or high water.
>> I applaud your commitment, but there are many people giving free time to
>> Pharo
>> (although more technical oriented than pure advocacy)
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