[Pharo-users] [ANN] Pharo Launcher v1.2 release

Christophe Demarey christophe.demarey at inria.fr
Thu Jun 21 09:50:14 EDT 2018

> Le 21 juin 2018 à 14:57, Peter Uhnák <i.uhnak at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Thanks for the release!
> Just a note regarding the Windows installer. I managed to crash and corrupt my Pharo Launcher (probably unrelated to PL.. I normally modify PharoLauncher to fit me better), so I wanted to reinstall it. As far as I can tell, the options "Modify" and "Repair" installation didn't do anything.
> I had to uninstall and install it again, but the uninstall option was incomplete, it left some content of the PharoLauncher folder in place (namely pharo-local, crash.dmp, stderr, stdout, and I think some more). So I guess an uninstall should also clean up?

Yes, Peter, you’re right!
The issue is reported here: https://github.com/pharo-project/pharo-launcher/issues/115

The reason is that the uninstaller only uninstalls files it created. PharoLauncher should not create any file into its installation folder.
I think we could do that when we switch to Pharo 7.0 for Pharo Launcher. Vincent did some work in this direction.


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