[Pharo-users] Smalltalk Programming Competition

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Thu Jun 21 08:39:29 EDT 2018

I noticed that your gofundme update email went into my spam mail box - so I wasn’t aware it had gone live.

Are you able to apply the funds from your previous campaign (The Ultimate Smalltalk Tutorial) to this one? As a contributor to that last one - which unfortunately didn’t manage to deliver like you hoped, I am a little hesitant… I think this is often the way, we need to feel like its something that has gathered enough moment to  succeed otherwise what happens to the money collected?

Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of your tutorials (it reignited my interested a few years back) - so don’t count me out yet.


> On 21 Jun 2018, at 11:23, horrido <horrido.hobbies at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm disappointed in the response. Only two contributors of $100 each. This is
> extremely tepid.
> There must be thousands of Smalltalkers around the world. How to reach out
> to them? It can't be that hard to fund this contest. I mean, there are many
> stupid causes on GoFundMe that have raised tens of thousands of dollars!
> This Smalltalk programming competition is anything but stupid.
> If only 1500 Smalltalkers each contributed a paltry $20, the contest would
> be fully funded. It would only take 300 contributors of $100 each.
> The question is: How much do we care about the future of Smalltalk?
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