[Pharo-users] Voyage-UnQLite hangs on Windows

Marco Hörning marco at omeleon.de
Wed Jun 20 11:24:08 EDT 2018

I started evaluating Voyage-UnQLite, current Pharo 6.1, Windows 10


Metacello  new  
	repository:  'github://pharo-nosql/voyage/mc';
	baseline:  'Voyage';
	load:  'unqlite tests'.

Using latest dll (Aug 10, 2016)

Basic test trying to store and reload a simple object containing a 
string instance variable

Object subclass: #SomeTag

     instanceVariableNames: 'designation'

SomeTag class>>isVoyageRoot

     ^ true

Here's the Testcase code:


         repository := VOUnQLiteRepository on: FileSystem workingDirectory / 'TestDatabase.db'.

         repository open


         repository close

Running tests now:


	self assert: repository isOpen

that works, db an be opened and closed. Now trying to store an object....


                 |  aTag  |

	self assert: SomeTag isVoyageRoot.

	aTag := SomeTag new designation:'aTag'.

	repository save: aTag

works, if I open a Database (PunQLite) Browser it shows me the entries 
'SomeTag' and 'SomeTag_0'. Trying to load the object....


               	| fetchedTags |

     	fetchedTags := repository selectAll:SomeTag

that does not work. System hangs and I get a Testcase timeout  with a 
"TestTookTooMuchTime" exception.

the external call in

UnQLilteFFI>>array: pArray walk: xWalk data: pUserData

does not come back.

Any comments or bright ideas what's wrong ? Anybody experience with 
Voyage-UnQLite on Windows ?

Kind Regards from Germany

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