[Pharo-users] Lost in stream

Hilaire hilaire at drgeo.eu
Wed Jun 20 08:39:42 EDT 2018

No with Pharo, and pretty old XML parser version. But still this one was 
always capable to parse entity

Le 18/06/2018 à 02:43, monty a écrit :
> Are you developing in Squeak? I ask because the XML parser in the default Squeak image is very old. You can download the latest Pharo XMLParser lib from the SqueakMap. It's the "XMLParser" project. Other libs I maintain are also available as SM projects, like "XMLParser-XPath".
> If you're doing DOM parsing, you can save a parsed DOM document to a file using a message like #printToFileNamed: (see the XMLNode "printing" category for more).

Dr. Geo

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