[Pharo-users] [ANN] Pharo Launcher v1.2 release

Christophe Demarey christophe.demarey at inria.fr
Wed Jun 20 04:04:01 EDT 2018

> Le 19 juin 2018 à 16:28, Serge Stinckwich <serge.stinckwich at gmail.com> a écrit :
> Thank you Christophe for your work !
> I really appreciate it.
> I dl the 64 bits VM for macOS. Everytime I run a 32 bits image, I have a warning that using a 32 bits images, require a 32 bits VM.
> And then when I select yes, everything works. Why having this warning everytime ?

I added this warning so that people are aware that they use 32-bit images on a 64-bit system. We are moving to mostly 64-bit images.
The biggest concern for this warning was raised by a Linux user: he installed a 64-bit Pharo Launcher and was surprised to not be able to launch 32-bit images. Indeed, on linux, you need additional set up (i.e. install 32-bit libraries) to be able to launch 32-bit images.

I understand thi warning could be annoying. Maybe I should add a setting to ignore these warnings? Would it be enough? Or should I only warn on Linux where it is really important? But in this case, people could may not be aware of using 32 or 64 bits images.

Could you open an issue for that?

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