[Pharo-users] How to contribute to Calypso when it relies on pharo-core editors?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Tue Jun 19 21:26:51 EDT 2018

Hi - so in trying to improve the sendersof/implementors of - I thought I had nailed it (and got working what I had done in Pharo 6 for Pharo 7) - but when I loaded my commit into a fresh image I realised that none of the (minor) changes I had made to Calypso had been committed.

This is actually quite confusing - and its take me a while to realise that Calypso is a separate project and so when I picked commit on Pharo - this won’t pick up any of the changes in Calypso…. Arrrgggg

So now I’m guessing that I have to follow the same steps that I followed for loading a pharo repo - for Calypso?

But then if I do this - and I propose some fixes to Calypso - how can it work, as it relies on some changes to older pharo core editors that its inserting from?

My changes without Calypso will work (they did in V6) - but then how can someone test those in V7 as Calypso is then the default variable.

I’m in a bit of a twist - how can I proceed?

I’d really like to help improve the situation - as its bugged me for years that its a pain looking stuff up quickly (requiring you to highlight just the right stuff for very obvious things)


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