[Pharo-users] Windows installation broken?

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at mutabit.com
Mon Jun 18 14:30:48 EDT 2018

On 18/06/18 09:47, Herbert Vojčík wrote:
>>> Do you have enough balls to call out Steph for his obviously wrong
>>> decision to push Launcher down the users' throats and make him
>>> revert to working installers / zips? Cause AFAICT there's the
>>> bottleneck atm.
>> First, it was MY decision.
> My apologies to blaming Steph.
>> I’m pushing launcher as the default download for Pharo since year now.
>> Do I am happy with it not working on windows right now? Of course
>> not. But pushing it also in windows has already forced us to fix some
>> bugs there and a new version of the launcher (and a better Pharo on
>> windows) and at the result will be good.
>> I was going to suspend the launcher as the default download until a
>> better version arrived, but I’ve been told that will happen this
>> week, so I will wait.
>> Second, we have a lot of bottlenecks, but is true this is important.
>> Third, please restrain your self to talk like that in the future. Is
>> rude and unnecessary.
> I won't. Sometimes it seems this kind of talk is needed. Windows
> launcher was not working for so long but it is still pushed as the
> default download option, because "higher goals" I presume. If this
> kind of talk helps to get rid of it until working (or make it finally
> actually work), it is anything but unnecessary.

I don't see how this "Macho Programmer Culture" mixing genitalia size
with community behavior and admin choices is necessary. But I see why,
for sure, non-(white)-males feel so unwelcome in developers communities
when some members feels such "necessity" of addressing others with such
language and when pointed to that, just reinforce their choices.


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