[Pharo-users] Windows installation broken?

Tudor Girba tudor at tudorgirba.com
Mon Jun 18 13:36:08 EDT 2018

Hi Herbert,

I too invite you to reconsider your language. Please stick to arguments. This is a public forum and its communication hygiene depends on everyone’s behavior.

Now, tackling your point: in this specific case, even your argument is incorrect. Nobody is forcing you to do anything. Pharo 7 is a development version and this is expected to have glitches from time to time. While this is inconvenient, pushing new things is the only way to obtain the necessary feedback. If you prefer stability, you are welcome to work with 6.1.


> On Jun 18, 2018, at 4:47 PM, Herbert Vojčík <herby at mailbox.sk> wrote:
> Esteban Lorenzano wrote on 18. 6. 2018 16:04:
>>> On 18 Jun 2018, at 15:39, Herbert Vojčík <herby at mailbox.sk> wrote:
>>> horrido wrote on 18. 6. 2018 0:04:
>>>> This is what concerns me. I don't care that there are workarounds
>>>> (undocumented or hard to find).
>>>> I care that Windows is a most popular development platform. I care that
>>>> newcomers to Pharo easily find what they need to get started. I care about
>>>> Pharo's reputation.
>>>> The last thing Pharo needs is a black eye.
>>> Do you have enough balls to call out Steph for his obviously wrong decision to push Launcher down the users' throats and make him revert to working installers / zips? Cause AFAICT there's the bottleneck atm.
>> First, it was MY decision.
> My apologies to blaming Steph.
>> I’m pushing launcher as the default download for Pharo since year now.
>> Do I am happy with it not working on windows right now? Of course not. But pushing it also in windows has already forced us to fix some bugs there and a new version of the launcher (and a better Pharo on windows) and at the result will be good.
>> I was going to suspend the launcher as the default download until a better version arrived, but I’ve been told that will happen this week, so I will wait.
>> Second, we have a lot of bottlenecks, but is true this is important.
>> Third, please restrain your self to talk like that in the future. Is rude and unnecessary.
> I won't. Sometimes it seems this kind of talk is needed. Windows launcher was not working for so long but it is still pushed as the default download option, because "higher goals" I presume. If this kind of talk helps to get rid of it until working (or make it finally actually work), it is anything but unnecessary.
> Herby
>> Esteban
>>> Herby
>>>> Travis Ayres wrote
>>>>> I wonder how many people tried Pharo, thought "Oh this is totally broken"
>>>>> and are never going to give it a second (or third) chance.
>>>>> On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 11:26 AM,
>>>>> phil@
>>>>>  <
>>>>> phil@
>>>>> >
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> The current website shows the wrong link, the installer for the bleeding
>>>>>> edge is the wrong one in files.
>>>>>> The situation on the Windows front is very very bad and not really
>>>>>> improving.
>>>>>> That being said, the installer on the CI is the right one and works.
>>>>>> so, steal the installer from here: https://ci.inria.fr/pharo-ci-
>>>>>> jenkins2/job/PharoLauncher
>>>>>> This is the one you want:
>>>>>> https://ci.inria.fr/pharo-ci-jenkins2/job/PharoLauncher/
>>>>>> For having the latest lastet everything, go to the launcher settings, get
>>>>>> into the devmode and open monticello and load the latest packages.
>>>>>> Phil
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