[Pharo-users] Windows installation broken?

horrido horrido.hobbies at gmail.com
Sun Jun 17 18:04:04 EDT 2018

This is what concerns me. I don't care that there are workarounds
(undocumented or hard to find).

I care that Windows is a most popular development platform. I care that
newcomers to Pharo easily find what they need to get started. I care about
Pharo's reputation.

The last thing Pharo needs is a black eye.

Travis Ayres wrote
> I wonder how many people tried Pharo, thought "Oh this is totally broken"
> and are never going to give it a second (or third) chance.
> On Sun, Jun 17, 2018 at 11:26 AM, 

> phil@

>  <

> phil@

> >
> wrote:
>> The current website shows the wrong link, the installer for the bleeding
>> edge is the wrong one in files.
>> The situation on the Windows front is very very bad and not really
>> improving.
>> That being said, the installer on the CI is the right one and works.
>> so, steal the installer from here: https://ci.inria.fr/pharo-ci-
>> jenkins2/job/PharoLauncher
>> This is the one you want:
>> https://ci.inria.fr/pharo-ci-jenkins2/job/PharoLauncher/
>> For having the latest lastet everything, go to the launcher settings, get
>> into the devmode and open monticello and load the latest packages.
>> Phil

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