[Pharo-users] Why doesn't Iceberg checkin other assets (scripts) but does check them out?

Guillermo Polito guillermopolito at gmail.com
Fri Jun 15 05:04:50 EDT 2018

Hi Tim,

On Fri, Jun 15, 2018 at 10:31 AM Tim Mackinnon <tim at testit.works> wrote:

> In many parts of the dev world - every commit should be shippable, meaning
> atomic - particularly with the use of CI systems (Travis, Gitlab etc) that
> build on every commit.
> Of course you can choose to work a different way - but our tools shouldn’t
> force a very common practice to be awkward, should they?
> I don’t understand why many of you guys are so anti such a common thing.
> In fact our community pioneered this way of working - a build machine where
> you loaded all your code and ran all your tests before committing.  Also,
> a large number of agile teams will council to work on master (and avoid
> branches - a technique we also pioneered).
> In today’s world where we live in a wider polyglot stack this is one of
> the reasons why git is so attractive as it should easily embraces that.
> I get that it’s not quite possible yet - but there are some decent ways to
> accommodate this (a staging operation, or perhaps a better way to make use
> of the #addToIndex: which I will experiment with).
> Anyway, I’ll shut up - and possibly will learn how to implement it myself.
> Thinking more, I may also be able run with commit and no push , which I
> will try - as it’s probably the easiest mechanism if the CI will recognise
> that (I think it will).

Please don't shut up ^^. I really value the feedback.
I see myself the value of both small and atomic/self-contained/complete

In general what happens is that we are few modifying iceberg.
But on the other side we really had given a thought to many of these
topics, and many decisions had a reason (even if it is that it is not
implemented because it would be too much work :)).
I try to explain them as better as I can, I can probably do better :)
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