[Pharo-users] How to contribute to Pharo Launcher?

Cyril Ferlicot D. cyril.ferlicot at gmail.com
Thu Jun 14 14:56:06 EDT 2018

Le 14/06/2018 à 18:48, Tim Mackinnon a écrit :


> Is PharoLauncher using git - there is a note saying the StHub repo is about to be moved?

For now it is still on STHub. Maybe because the main maintainers are
more efficient with Monticello than with github? Maybe the main
maintainers did not had the time to move the project?

> I ask as I wanted to contribute a simple change that shows the modified date of the images and lets you sort by that (I sometimes forget which was the latest image I was using and have a few old ones kicking around).

Currently if you want to contribute you need to ask to be added to the
Pharo group on Smalltalkhub.

> Tim

Cyril Ferlicot

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