[Pharo-users] Iceberg - finding deleted classes, reverting versions?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Wed Jun 13 10:58:36 EDT 2018

Hi - I am interested in what the future holds with Iceberg for things like finding deleted classes or reverting to older versions of things.

As we tend to use lots of classes in Smalltalk (and view them as cheap) - I often create them, then move behaviour around and delete things I don’t need anymore. However, if you want to recover one of those classes - with Envy there was a useful concept of “show me deleted classes in a package” and you would get a list that you could then browse and recover from.  Even older squeaks had some nice tools to pull this information from the .changes file (and while not quite the same as envy, it did let a solo developer work efficiently).

So I was a bit surprised yesterday in Pharo 6.1 - to struggle to find a class I knew that I had deleted. There seemed to be no easy way to do this - and I thought there was somewhere that had that “Available/Deleted classes” menu. Eventually I went to iceberg and browsed older versions of my package and with some riffing - managed to find what a I wanted - but it definitely seemed harder than it should be - for a concept that feels natural to us.

I’ve heard it mentioned that we might get “versions” behaviour back via git on a method or existing class - but what about Deleted classes - is this something we will be able to do more easily?


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