[Pharo-users] Why doesn't Iceberg checkin other assets (scripts) but does check them out?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Wed Jun 13 10:50:04 EDT 2018

Hi - my second attempt at using Pharo with Git has proven very satisfying (I saw the potential in phase 1, but it was often difficult to understand what was happening and the workflow to use).

One thing that has come up a few times for me however - and its something that using git nicely highlights, there are many non-smalltalk assets in my project that don’t need to live in the image (like Seaside FileLibraries were trying to do) but do need to be versioned and be part of my project. Common examples are server config files, images and even the playground history files that are useful to pull up when on another computer.

It seems that while Iceberg does check out a full project, if I change any of the files outside of the src directory (like edit a .txt file using the crude Pharo file editor), those changes don’t get committed when I do a checkin? Is this on purpose? It makes the workflow a bit trickier to do an atomic commit of a piece of work - and I’m not clear whether this is a conscious thing, or an MVP thing (and it will come later).

As mentioned above, I was also thinking it would be nice if I could checkin some of the play-xxxx/*.sh files to essentially keep some of that history synced between environments (or team members?).

It strikes me that this is the kind of thing that git integration should bring to us?

I can overlay my copy of IntelliJ on top of my local iceberg directory and then use it for checkins - but then I still have the atomic problem, as its only when I commit that tonel files are written out onto the file system for me to checkin along with any other assets I’ve changed. Does anyone else have a good workflow for this? What do you guys do?


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