[Pharo-users] Insecure issue tracker registration

Manuel Leuenberger leuenberger at inf.unibe.ch
Wed Jun 13 04:25:20 EDT 2018


I announced my concerns on Discord already, but got no reaction, so I post it here as well to have it properly archived.

"A colleague just noticed that the registration for the issue tracker is HTTP-only. This is not an appropriate choice for sensitive data like a password. Any possibilities to make this HTTPS-only?
Link: http://tracker.pharo.org/issues-register-service, setting https:// manually does not work"

From my perspective this is a serious problem that should be quickly addressed, it's not just a nice to have feature. Not treating sensitive data with proper care leaves an image of not caring about user security and looks unprofessional. I don't think that is what Pharo needs.


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