[Pharo-users] Pharo 6, bad debugger behaviour

Steven Costiou steven.costiou at kloum.io
Fri Jun 8 13:57:17 EDT 2018

Concerning the bug 22085, i commented on fogbuzz:

> I believe it is because when running test cases, it runs through:
> runCaseForDebug: aTestCase
> [...call test code...]
> on: self class failure , self class skip, self class warning, self class error
> do: [:ex | ex sunitAnnounce: aTestCase toResult: self. ex pass]
> So when you reach a doesNotUnderstand, you have:
> doesNotUnderstand: aMessage
> [...stuff...]
> resumeValue := exception signal.
> ^exception reachedDefaultHandler
> ifTrue: [aMessage sentTo: self]
> ifFalse: [resumeValue]
> In normal cases (class of the receiver is not a test case), when you step in the debugger the exception signal blocks the execution right away. In subclasses of TestCase, it does ex pass each time you get to this line, then it enters the aMessage sentTo: self, which is not understood, then you can wait a long time...
> It is equivalent to doing this in a playground:
> [ Object new doStuff ] on: Exception do:[:ex| ex pass]
> Then step in the debugger and bye bye. But then it seems to be expected behavior... or maybe not ? I mean voluntarily passing on an exception in a doesNotUnderstand would lead to such problems.

I have heard at least three different stories about this bug : yours,
the one from fogbuzz and one other a bit different from Guille. 

They seem to be different but all of them end up looping ad vitam
eternam after a debugger step. 

I am looking for ways to reproduce any of this bugs (well except 22085),
but so far i have no success on my own images :'( (pharo 6.1 & 7). 

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