[Pharo-users] Why do #select:thenXxx methods not return their result

monty monty2 at programmer.net
Thu Jun 7 23:03:02 EDT 2018

Not just more readable. They can also be more efficient. Look at #select:thenCollect: in OrderedCollection:
select: selectBlock thenCollect: collectBlock
    " Optimized version Collection>>#select:thenCollect: "

	| newCollection element |

    newCollection := self copyEmpty.

    firstIndex to: lastIndex do: [ :index |
		element := array at: index.
		(selectBlock value: element) 
			ifTrue: [ newCollection addLast: (collectBlock value: element) ]].

    ^ newCollection

It only uses one temp collection, where a #select: followed by a separate #collect: would need two.


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> Hi - are the methods like #select:thenCollect: frowned upon? 
> They seem quite readable , however in using them I’ve noticed that unlike the core methods they done return the result of evaluation (they are missing a ^). This is a shame, but possibly an oversight?
> Tim
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