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GreggInCA gregg13 at innerpaths.net
Thu Jun 7 00:01:44 EDT 2018

Tom, thanks for the detailed instructions. They help, but many of the
shortcuts listed in Help (Help window > Pharo Environment Help > Keyboard
Shortcuts > Browser Shortcuts) don't work. 

cmd-b, cmd-m works as you said, but anything that begins with Meta + f
(i.e., cmd-f) brings up a Find and Replace dialog, just as you would expect
any Mac application to provide (i.e., cmd-f lets you find things). Some
shortcuts do work, while others do not.

Other examples of things not working: With a system browser active and a
class selected, Meta + t, Meta + c does *not* "show class side" (which is
what the Browser Shortcuts window says it should do).

I'm sure this is Mac-specific, with built-in Mac behavior having precedence
over any application-defined behaviors. As I said in my earliest post, I've
looked everywhere in the Mac environment for ways to turn this Mac behavior
off, with no success.

Hey, I can live without keyboard shortcuts, but I thought I'd put some
energy into seeing if it's possible to get them to work.

If no one running Pharo 6.1 on a Mac can tell anything that might help, I'll
just give it up and use menus. Everybody, thanks for your help!

=== original post ===

Tim Mackinnon wrote
> Hi Greg - meta is the Cmd key on a Mac.
> So you type cmd-shift-f for reformat code in a method, cmd-s to save.
> There are some chorded keys - eg cmd-b cmd-m (keep holding the cmd then
> press b followed by m) to browse implementers of the selected method. 
> On Linux the meta key is Ctrl (just an FYI)
> While discussing keystrokes - a less obvious but very useful one is
> shift-enter to get the spotter (sort of like the Mac’s spotlight but for
> code)
> All of this is in the help documentation - Help | Help Browser | Pharo
> Environment Help.
> But happy to get you started, as it’s frustrating if the basics aren’t
> working for you.
> Tim
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>> On 5 Jun 2018, at 04:50, Gregg Williams <

> gregg13@

> > wrote:
>> Tim and Ben,
>> Thanks for your help. Sorry for not being clear. When I said "I just
>> can't get keyboard shortcuts to work on Mac," what I should have said is
>> "I just can't get Pharo-specific shortcuts to work on the Macintosh
>> implementation of Pharo" (6.1 is what I'm using BTW).
>> Maybe I should have said "keymap shortcuts"? I'm talking about things
>> like Meta+Shift+f for 'find class', and Meta+x, Meta+m for 'remove
>> method'.
>> I've looked for what the definition of Meta is for Mac OS. All I can find
>> is meta-click is Shift+Option+click, but that doesn't seem to work.
>> Option + 
> <many keys>
>  gives "special characters" like ∂, ß, and œ.
>> I hope that now you can simply say, "Oh, of course, what you need to do
>> is…". Thanks!
>>> I just can't get keyboard shortcuts to work on Mac. I?ve tried a lot of
>>> stuff, more than I can list here. Here are some things I?ve tried:
>>> * searching the Pharo by Example book
>>> * turning off all Mac keyboard-macro programs
>>> * switching from extended to standard US keyboard
>>> * looking at options in System Preferences > Keyboard
>>> If you?re on the Mac, do you have this problem? If so, what?s your
>>> solution? Thanks!

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