[Pharo-users] Is it bad to have an order NeoJsonObject?

Tim Mackinnon tim at testit.works
Wed Jun 6 19:37:49 EDT 2018

Hi - I’ve hit some Json where the outputted values (they are field names) are written out in a specific order - and the author hasn’t chosen to use an array to represent those fields in a specific order.

{ ‘field1’ : { ….}, ‘field2’: { … } }

I think this is technically incorrect and should be:

{ [ {‘field1’ : { ….}, ‘field2’: { … } ]}

Anyway - given what I’ve got, would it be a terrible idea to create my own version NeoJsonObject and just make it a subclass of OrderedDictionary?

I can’t see any issues - but then I might be kidding myself…


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