[Pharo-users] need help loading third-party packages

Gregg Williams gregg13 at innerpaths.net
Tue Jun 5 01:14:08 EDT 2018

Hi--another question, this time on loading an external package into Pharo.

I want to do some work manipulating text, so I thought I would start by reading the source code for an existing package that works on text.

Here's what I did:

On smalltalkhub.com, I found a package called Citezen, from team RMoD, and downloaded the .mcz file. There were many versions, so I downloaded the one with the latest timestamp. It helped that its name was Citezen-All-sd20.mcz.

I've tried adding this to my current Pharo 6.1 image in two ways: 1) by dropping the .mcz file onto the window of PharoLauncher, and 2) moving the file into my computer's package-cache directory. I had roughly the same problems with both.

Problem 1: There were multiple options for telling the system what do to with it: Load, Load Version, Merge version, Open version, and Extract all to....

Problem 2: Once I do that, I get to a window with buttons at the top: Browse, History, Changes, Load, Merge, Adopt, Copy, Diff.

Problem 3: Once I chose one of these, I got at least a half-dozen "Can't find dependency <filename> Ignore?" messages (for example "...Citezen-Parsers-cdlm.13" and "...Citezen-Tests-sd.39"). The default button for this was "Yes", so I chose this.

This started some downloading of files, a process that sometimes got "stuck" and never completed.

Not knowing any better, I then launched Pharo 6.1 (Stable). I could see no indication that Citezen had been "added" to the system.

Anyway, in a system browser, I searched for the string "Citezen" and found five Citezen packages: All, Model, PArsers, Rendering, and Tests. But when I selected any of them, no content appeared in the Class pane. Also searching for a class containing "Cite" found nothing.

Surely, other beginners have had the same problem as me. I would appreciate pointers to any existing resources that would help me out, or whatever help you'd care to give me.

TO RECAP, I want to load third-party packages and read their source code. What's the best way to do this?

Many thanks!

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