[Pharo-users] Loading Local Repositories with Iceberg

Sean P. DeNigris sean at clipperadams.com
Sun Jun 3 22:55:50 EDT 2018

Evan Donahue wrote
> I have "Share repositories between images" checked in both images

What that option does is look in a standard shared location for the clone of
a particular repo in the form {{shareRoot}}/{{username}}/{{repoName}} (e.g.
~/MySharedRoot/seandenigris/Magritte3) instead of making a fresh clone for
each image (within the image folder by default). It does not automatically
create domain objects for these clones in an image.

Evan Donahue wrote
> what is the best way to set up the project I was working on in a
> fresh image so I can continue working on it?

Probably by loading a BaselineOfYourProject via the Metacello scripting API.
If you #enableMetacelloIntegration, this will add repos to Iceberg as
necessary as your project is loaded.

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