[Pharo-users] Is lazy evaluation of infinite series possible?

stepharo stepharo at free.fr
Sun May 29 15:16:59 EDT 2016

Hello Erisa

> I am just learning Pharo (taking the MOOC actually!)


> and am wondering whether
> it is possible to model formal power series.  I have done this in Haskell
> quite easily and efficiently, but struggled to do it in Python without real
> success.  It requires one to perform operations on an infinite stream (such
> as multiplying two infinite power series).  One then only evaluates the
> terms as they are needed, i.e., lazily.  Any thoughts?
I'm eager to hear what other and you will say.
Now since blocks are closures, and I remember that long time ago I 
implemented simply
infinite stream with a closure in CLOS it should be a same in Pharo.
Now it was probably 20 years ago so I forgot the exact implementation.

I hope that you have fun with our neat language.
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