[Pharo-users] One comment to new Pharo5 debugger

Johan Fabry jfabry at dcc.uchile.cl
Thu May 26 20:08:50 EDT 2016

I will just leave this here, so that people that prefer the buttons in their original place can get them back ...

I did some quick investigating, and it’s straightforward. Just change the implementation of GTGenericStackDebugger>>codeActionsPragmas to the following:


	^ #( codeDebuggingAction stackDebuggingAction )

 Et voila, the stack debugging action buttons now are also available just above the code pane!

For extra goodness, the following two-liner is now also going into my startup preferences, run-once code part:

GTGenericStackDebugger compile: 'codeActionsPragmas
^ #(stackDebuggingAction codeDebuggingAction)' classified: 'building actions'

Voila, I will never miss those buttons again :-)

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Johan Fabry   -   http://pleiad.cl/~jfabry
PLEIAD and RyCh labs  -  Computer Science Department (DCC)  -  University of Chile

> On May 26, 2016, at 11:01, stepharo <stepharo at free.fr> wrote:
>> Yes, and there was also some discussion on the Pharo-users mailing list. Apparently the same comments more or less ...
>> I give a big +1 on moving the buttons down, so that they are between the stack and the code pane. I still don’t understand why they need to be so far away from the code pane, it makes much more sense above the code pane + we save on mouse movements.
> Because doru got trapped into his own view on "UI design".
> Even apple does not respect its own design documents. 
> Stef

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