[Pharo-users] Monthly Pharo Newsletter

marcus.denker at inria.fr marcus.denker at inria.fr
Thu May 26 02:32:44 EDT 2016


Some time ago we set up a very low traffic “Pharo Newsletter” Mailinglist.

The idea is that this gets:
	-> a mail for the release
	-> *one* mail at the end of the month with 2-4 topics

It seems to work well. We have until now send two monty mails and the
mail for the Pharo5 release.

If you want to be on it, here is a link to subscribe:


If you follow all blogs, twitter + read all mails, there might not be anything new, but as things
get even hard to follow for me it might be a good way to keep up with the most important things

And: if you have an idea for content (e.g. highlighting a project or a success story), please get in


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