[Pharo-users] Panama Papers: a case for reproducible research, data activism and frictionless data (powered by Pharo)

Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas offray.luna at mutabit.com
Fri May 20 23:27:31 EDT 2016

Thanks Gastón for your interest.

I used csv and imported to sqlite, because that's the way the ICIJ 
released their info and let me query aggregated information in an easy 
way. I bridge SQLite with Pharo using UDBC and then the choropleth map 
was made on Roassal. Details are in the blog post ;-).

My first attempt was trying to load all nodes in (Entities in the 
offshore leaks database) in Roassal and query/visualize directly from 
it, but with over 150k nodes the environment started to lag and doesn't 
was as responsive as I want for exploring the dataset. That's why I 
switched quickly to sqlite. I think that this keeps the environment 
agile and covers a pretty good amount of the cases when you  work with 
tabular data and even some specific graphs could be replicated from the 
exported CVS files containing the entities and their relationships. My 
focus was more on accuracy of the visualization, trying to put the rest 
of the territories in a Roassal map. If you're interested I can put a 
quick script to run the visualization/notebook in your Moose image.

I have not used Neo4J, but there will be a seminar on how it was used in 
the Panama Papers next Tuesday:




On 20/05/16 16:42, Gastón Dall' Oglio wrote:
> Hi. Looks good :)
> Just out of curiosity, what data format you used? csv, sqlite?
> I am interested in using Neo4j from pharo 
> (http://smalltalkhub.com/#!/~MasashiUmezawa/Neo4reSt 
> <http://smalltalkhub.com/#%21/%7EMasashiUmezawa/Neo4reSt>) with a 
> large database, and few days ago and found the ICIJ used Neo4j to 
> relate information. In a few days they will give a webinar:
> http://info.neo4j.com/05262016-ICIJandPanamaPapersOnDemand_Registration.html
> A question, you can use Neo4reSt to store data and Pharo/Roassal for 
> display on a more or less friendly way? or there is a lot impedance 
> between graph models?
> 2016-05-20 13:44 GMT-03:00 Offray Vladimir Luna Cárdenas 
> <offray.luna at mutabit.com <mailto:offray.luna at mutabit.com>>:
>     Hi,
>     I'm glad to share my recent work with Pharo/Roassal in the form of
>     a minisite[1] and a detailed blog entry[2] arguing about
>     interactive environments for increasing understanding and
>     participation in data phenomena:
>     [1] http://mutabit.com/repos.fossil/panama-papers/doc/tip/index.html
>     [2] http://mutabit.com/offray/blog/en/entry/panama-papers-1
>     Using a relatively simple visualization I advocate for this case.
>     The bigger issues here were not related with visualization, but
>     with accuracy/completion of the information. For example the
>     original RTSVGPath includes only 167 world territories, but Panama
>     Papers mentions over 210. Improving accuracy lead to hunting a bug
>     and to its bugfix. So we have a more cleaver reader for SVG in
>     Roassal. I was fighting for several days with newbie errors (like
>     the one on the download bar not advancing, despite of the download
>     being made).
>     I think that this are good exemplars on how Pharo Roassal is a
>     superb moldable and affordable platform on the issues of data
>     oriented reproducible research (in journalism and/or activism and
>     others).
>     Comments and suggestions are welcomed, as always.
>     Cheers,
>     Offray

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