[Pharo-users] StampClient produce only and dealing with heartbeat

Holger Freyther holger at freyther.de
Fri May 20 13:20:16 EDT 2016

> On 19 May 2016, at 10:40, Sven Van Caekenberghe <sven at stfx.eu> wrote:
> Hi Holger,

Dear Sven,

> However, you need a regular opportunity to send something out. Thinking out loud, what about something like
> StampClient>>#runWith: receiveBlock do: sendBlock
> where receiveBlock is like it is now, and sendBlock is called regularly, basically when the loop goes through another cycle, to give you the opportunity to send something, being sure to have exclusive access. 
> In the sendBlock you could query your sharedQueue that is being filled by another process, properly MP safe.
> The invocation of #runWith:do: should of course be forked.
> Does that make sense ?

It makes sense for my unacknowledged SEND but I see several issues for a general scheme:

a.) If write / receive ratio is not equal and I block in the send then I will not receive quickly enough. And if we block on receive (with the *TimedOut) we will not write enough. This is one general architecture issue I seem to circle around[1]. I should not have block one or the other.

b.) Integration with ACKed sends (putting a receipt, reading a receipt-id). Is there a generic way to handle it? E.g. I would keep an event in the SharedQueue until it has been acked (and detect timeouts or such).

Last but not least. How do you handle the ConnectionClosed and do the re-connect? It seems that >>#runWith: will exit iff ConnectionClosed signal has been raised. Will you respawn the process? Will you create another StampClient and re-execute?

sorry, more these are more questions than answers. I have a local client that is similar to >>#runWith:do: (but calls receive from within the send routine).

kind regards

[1] With POSIX/C there is select(), in Windows WaitForMultipleObjects and maybe with erlang the selective receive. Now it is not very object orientated but in pseudo erlang syntax.

   FrameReady  -> self handleFrame: arg;
   FrameToSend -> self writeEvent: arg;
   Disconnect  -> self reconnect.
    self timeout -> self checkRecvHeartbeatOrSendIt

I could emulate it by spawning multiple processes on "receive", creating a queue, having a semaphore.. but I don't know if I want to limit it to sockets...

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